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Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Peter Castell ltd. - Guarantee Terms and Conditions
Conditions :

We (Peter Castell Ltd) will cover the goods detailed on the attached receipt for a period of Five years from purchase date against any internal mechanical or electrical breakdown subject to the exclusions listed overleaf. In home service will be given on colour tvs video recorders and Satellite systems if it is situated within our normal service area. All other equipment must be returned to our trading premises.

If we consider the equipment to be beyond economical repair we may replace the equipment with equipment of similar specifications (the replacement may be refurbished product) and your guarantee will cease. The original equipment then becomes the property of Peter Castell Ltd. We will give you a voucher for the remaining value of the guarantee which can be used for your next purchase of an extended guarantee.

If we are unable to repair your TV in the home we will leave you with a loan set, this will not be larger than a 21” size. In the event of non availability of parts then this guarantee will be cancelled and the remaining portion of the guarantee will be refunded. No portion of the guarantee premium will be refundable for any other reason. Any unpaid service bills in respect of the above goods shall cancel this guarantee until such time that the bills are paid. This guarantee is personal to the purchaser and is not transferable. Only Peter Castell Ltd or their authorised agents are authorised to do repair work under this guarantee This guarantee does not affect the statutory rights of a consumer under UK laws and is in addition to those rights.

What is not included in your Guarantee :

  • Costs covered by any manufacturer’s guarantee
  • The equipment being recalled by the manufacturer
  • The cost of modifying the equipment
  • Claims arising from your failure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Claims arising from using your equipment in a non-domestic or commercial environment unless we agree to the use in writing beforehand
  • Claims arising from floods, lightning, storms or other bad weather conditions
  • Claims arising from any problem with the supply of electricity
  • Costs if no fault is found with your equipment
  • Costs arising from not being able to use your equipment or from damage caused when the equipment breaks down
  • Routine maintenance, cleaning and servicing
  • Labour charges for any work outside our normal working hours
  • Cosmetic damage such as damage to paintwork or dents or scratches to the equipment
  • The cost of any accessory that is intended to be replaceable. These include: fuses, batteries, light bulbs, cables, plugs etc
  • Any cost arising from the change from analogue to digital broadcasting including the termination of analogue transmissions of any type
  • Delivery and installation charges if a product replacement takes place
Protection is also not provided for the following :

Audio Visual Equipment

  • Tuning
  • Styli or cartridges

Satellite Equipment

  • Realigning or re-siting the dish
  • Rust
  • Tuning
  • Water damage

Plasma LCD Televisions

  • Costs due to unusual physical or electrical stress, burned screen or software interface problems
  • Claims arising due to a failure to install the display in line with the manufacturers intsructions
  • Costs associated with gaining access to cables within the fabric of a building or wall
  • Repairs due to pixel failure where the number or location is not in excess of the manufacturers’s acceptable limit
  • Wall mounted units if not fitted as per manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Damage during delivery

    Integrated digital televisions and freeview boxes

  • Software (applications or operating system) or problems relating to software downloads

Terms and Conditions of sale. © copyright 2014 Peter Castell Ltd. E&OE

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